St. Philip Neri School is committed to maintaining a safe, secure and hazard-free environment for children, employees, volunteers and visitors. Thus, the following safeguards are undertaken:


Preventing Abuse & Neglect:

The principal, school faculty and staff are mandated by law and the policies of the Archdiocese of Chicago to report any and all allegations or suspicions of child abuse and/or neglect to civil as well as school authorities.


Emergency Contact Information:

It is absolutely essential that the school be able to reach a parent or legal guardian in case an emergency occurs. All changes of address, phone numbers, guardianship or custody must be reported to the school office immediately.


Closed Campus:

Children are required to remain on the School Campus after arrival for the for the school day or for extracurricular activities. Students may not go to stores, visit homes or leave the premises for any reason without being in the company of a properly sanctioned adult. Likewise, children who walk to or from school are expected to go directly to the campus in the morning and return directly home at dismissal. Parents and guardians who provide rides are expected to have children picked up promptly at dismissal. Infractions could lead to suspension or expulsion from the school.


Fires & Emergencies:

Regular emergency drills are conducted by the school and monitored by the City of Chicago Fire Department. Parents are asked to review and reinforce the school procedure with their children: When the alarm sounds students are to follow the posted directions and oral instructions of faulty and staff members. Everyone must walk silently to designated exits and “safe areas.” Everyone, including all adults must evacuate the building at the sound of the Emergency Alarm.


Leaving School Early:

When the children are to be dismissed early in the day for personal reasons it must be by written or phoned parental/legal guardian request. The school must have at least an hour notice prior to early dismissal of a student. Children must leave from the SPN School Office and the authorized adult must sign the child out there, showing proper identification if necessary. Students will never be sent home alone or early, for any reason, without the contact and approval of a parent or guardian. The child must be taken home by an authorized adult. There will be no exceptions.


Lost & Found:

Check at the School Office for lost articles. Please label or mark all of your child’s clothing and belongings clearly. Instruct children to take personal responsibility for all their belongings and to respect the belongings of others as well.


Emergency Health Information:

Health insurance and accident insurance information must be completed before registration and enrollment is complete. These along with the parent’s or guardian’s signatures must be on file in the school office.


Medicine will not be administered by any school personnel under any circumstances, even if the medicine is prescribed by a doctor. Parents are to sign a medical permission form for children to bring medications to school, and the students must administer it to themselves under the supervision of an authorized elementary school official.