St. Philip Neri’s preschool program is an exceptional community for three and four-year-old students which inspires a love for learning.  Our preschoolers are immersed in a learning-rich, pre-K environment where interactions are thoughtful and purposeful. All parts of our preschoolers’ day present opportunities for learning, and our teachers know the curriculum content and instructional strategies that meets each students’ learning and social emotional needs.  Using essential questions, teachers help children connect content in literacy, science, mathematics, and social studies, which takes them beyond rote learning and leads to thoughtful, reflective learning.  In our compassionate learning environment, our preschoolers gain the academic skills they need for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Preschool for All Program at St. Philip Neri School

Preschool for All is the state of Illinois’ initiative to ensure high-quality preschool programs are available to three and four-year-old children. The Preschool for All program is a full-day, five-day a week program provided to eligible* families at no charge. 


St. Philip Neri offers a Preschool for All program. The hours for the preschool programs are noted below:


  • Begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.


Families who participate in the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)* will not be charged anything for participation in the Preschool for All program or the supplemental preschool program. The only payment required for CCAP students is the CCAP co-pay.


For more information regarding the preschool programs call 773.288.1138.


*To find out if you are eligible for the Preschool for All program and/or CCAP, please contact the school at 773.288.1138. 

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