The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001 reauthorized the federal government’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) programs to emphasize four aspects of educational reform:


  • Accountability for results

  • Doing what works based on scientific research

  • Local control and flexibility, and

  • Expanded parental involvement.


The main goal for NCLB is for every student to meet state academic achievement standards. Title I / NCLB provides programs, resources and highly qualified instructors for eligible students in public and private schools to meet this goal. These students are given supplemental educational instruction beyond their regular classroom instruction to address their particular and unique needs.


Title I / NCLB students receive instruction in small groupings so that they will have individualized attention and few distractions. They are placed under the guidance of an instructor who works at a pace that is best for them. Students receive drill and reinforcement on basic skills that are prerequisites for more advanced learning. Classes incorporate several educational methods that are proven to be successful including the use of computers and other information technologies to enhance learning. There are regular assessments made to track student progress. The program is structured so that parents and legal guardians will be intentionally and actively involved in the learning process both at school and in the home. Our NCLB students make significant gains due to the effectiveness of this valuable supplemental instruction.


Contact the St. Philip Neri School Office at (773) 288-1138 for more information about the Title I / NCLB Program.