Students may purchase a breakfast and/or hot lunch, which comes prepared by the Food Services Professionals (FSP) operated by the Archdiocese of Chicago. St. Philip Neri does not have control over menus. Milk is included with breakfast and lunch.


At the beginning of each school year, each child will receive a Government lunch application. This application determines if a student is eligible for full or reduced prices or free meals. Prices are determined according to guidelines established by the federal government.


All families who wish to apply must file a new application each year. If families are eligible for reduced or free lunches, this becomes effective upon approval of the application. Each family is notified of the date when approval is determined. Families denied eligibility for reduced or free lunches must pay the full price.


Saint Philip Neri is not responsible for meals of a child who is not enrolled in the meal program. Children who are not enrolled in the Archdiocesan Hot Lunch Program must bring lunches from home. No parent or individual is allowed to sell or bring meals or other food products on the elementary school premises without the expressed approval of the principal.