Close communication between teachers and parents is essential. Teachers and parents can correspond through written communications, phone calls, and e-mail regarding class plans, student performance, academic goals or to arrange conferences.


Parents and legal guardians are asked to follow these procedures:


  • Arrange to meet teachers on most school days from 2:45 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. by making an arrangement through the school office or by contacting the teacher one day or more in advance. Occasionally teachers will be able to arrange conferences prior to the beginning of classes, however this time is less convenient due to time limitations and classroom responsibilities.

  • Parents or guardians may not confer with teachers during class time.

  • It is ordinarily advisable to include the student in a least part of the conference, so that he/she can be heard. The presence of both parents / guardians whenever possible.

  • The school administration respects the judgment of the teachers. When a question arises, parents or guardians should first talk with the teacher(s) before referring the matter to the principal. However, both teacher and parents / guardians may rest assured the principal is ready and eager to be of assistance to our elementary school families.

  • Parents and guardians are urged to instruct their children the importance of promptly delivering all letters, notices and other communications that are sent home from school.