The school curriculum is planned and regularly updated to stay relevant with global society and to reflect the school’s goals and philosophy. Every course is centered on the Catholic Christian values which govern and direct the life at St. Philip Neri.

The school acknowledges that every individual has a unique set of needs, thus the faculty and staff work together to provide appropriate guidance and care for each student. Particular focus is given to the basic academic skills that students must master as a means of advancing to new levels of learning and knowledge. The following are the courses St. Philip Neri students are taught:


Religion / Theology – Classes and celebrations during which teachers and students strive to form an enlightened and caring Christian Community. Emphasis is placed on God’s plan for living, the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church and the Biblical teachings that all Christian share. All Christian denominations and faith traditions are respected. Parents and guardians are invited and encouraged to enter fully into the religious formation process and the school’s many religious celebrations.


Language Arts – (Including Phonics, Reading, English, Writing and Spelling) – Classes, presentations, projects and assignments to equip students will skills and confidence to master the English language. Lessons focus on reading, comprehending, communicating, listening and writing with skill and confidence so that they may thrive in higher education and in future careers.


Mathematics – Classes, presentations, projects and assignments preparing students to first be proficient performing basic calculations and computations and then to advance to higher, more complex forms of Math. Conscious efforts are made to prepare SPN students to apply Mathematics to daily life and eventually be successful taking high school courses and college pre-college examinations.


Science, Health and Nutrition – Classes, presentations, projects, research, experiments and assignments opening up student’s minds to the workings of the physical world and the human body. Students are trained to observe, question and analyze sufficiently to stay in pace with rapid advancements in the sciences and evolving technologies. They also learn to understand and practice methods that promote fitness and good health.


Computer Technology – Classes, presentations, projects and assignments giving students hands-on experience with computers. Students learn to incorporate various computer applications into the total learning process so they will be able to compete in future learning and social environments.


Humanities – (Including Geography, History and Civics) – Classes, presentations, projects and assignments giving students insight into various regions, societies and cultures throughout the earth. SPN students are made keenly aware of who and where they are in relation to various other peoples, places and times throughout human history.


African American and African Studies – Sessions, experiences and assignments to explore and celebrate the rich history of people of African descent. While students are taught to understand and embrace their own heritage with pride and dignity they also learn to honor the heritage of people who are different from themselves.


The Arts – (Including Visual Art, Singing, Dance, Drama and Expressive Writing are abundant at St. Philip Neri. Students have ample opportunities to share their inner- thoughts and emotions constructively. A holistic educational approach gives students chances to reinforce core course learning through movement, song, language acting, media, sculpture and much more. A St. Philip Neri education stimulates the soul as well as the intellect. 

Foreign Language – Students have exposure to Spanish language and culture through weekly Spanish classes. ​SPN students are given the tools necessary to get them on the path to gaining Spanish language proficiency in our increasingly bilingual society. 

Physical Education – Students enjoy recreation and they learn the proper physical mechanics of sports. These classes are for fun, exercise and to improve their skills for organized athletic competition. A whole education not only shapes the mind and the soul but it also strengthens the body as well.