As a parent / guardian I realize I am my child’s most important educator. I further understand that my child(ren)’s teachers at school are dedicated professionals who make sacrifices to teach in a Catholic elementary school. In order to demonstrate my cooperation and support for the school, and to guide my child on right paths, I will:


  • Ensure that our family prays and attends church together on a regular basis.

  • Express my unconditional love for my child(ren) daily in my words and actions.

  • Send my child(ren) to school properly fed, groomed, clothed, rested and equipped.

  • Monitor my child(ren)’s use of TV’s, computers, games, telephones and other media.

  • Keep track of my child(ren)’s company, whereabouts and activities at all times.

  • Get my child(ren) to and from school on-time and provide proper supplies for them.

  • Provide my child(ren) with any assistance needed for academic and social success.

  • Expect my child(ren) to use respectful verbal and body language and facial expressions.

  • Forbid my child(ren) to fight, bully, intimidate, tease, curse, whine or disrespect others.

  • Restrict my child(ren) from being near or possessing alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons.

  • Speak respectfully toward and about school personnel and others, even if I am upset.

  • Refrain from lying for my child(ren) or making excuses for his/her/their bad behavior.

  • Refuse to gossip, listen to gossip or make rash judgments related to the school.

  • Communicate directly, openly, honestly and respectfully to resolve disputes at school.

  • Adhere faithfully to the school’s schedules, policies, procedures and deadlines.


I understand that I teach my child lasting positive and (or) negative lessons through my own example, however, I choose to model respect, responsibility and reverence. Thus, I ask St. Philip Neri School and Church to support me in forming my child(ren) for good citizenship and the ways of  Jesus Christ, the Savior.