The school acknowledges the great value of competitive sports. These activities significantly contribute to the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development of children. However, SPN students are trained to place more emphasis on their spirituality, their family lives, and their scholastics than they do in Falcon Sports. Students interested in these events must remain in good academic and disciplinary standing to participate. Failure to do so will result in suspension or expulsion from Falcon Sports activities. Our teams play other elementary schools in the area. Please note that there is a temporary pause on our athletics program for the 2020-21 academic year due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Parents of students participating in Falcon Sports are expected to offer assistance, support, supervision, transportation, etc. At the time the students sign-on with teams, parents will be required to sign-on as well. A modest fee will be charged for participation.


SPN Falcon Sports Teams:

Varsity Cheerleading (Girls) 5th – 8th (Early September – Late March)

Jr. Varsity Boys Basketball 5th – 6th (Mid-November – Early February)

Varsity Boys Basketball 7th – 8th (Early November – Late March)


Volunteers needed to open up our activities to track and basketball for the younger children.

One week summer sports skills clinics for cheerleading and basketball.