St. Philip Neri students participate in Science, 4-H, Stock Market and Math competitions with other schools in the community and across the city. We are proud of their achievements. Parents and guardians are encouraged to help students prepare for these events and to show-up to lend encouragement and support for an enriching elementary school experience. Please note that due to restrictions with Covid-19, there is a temporary pause in many of our extracurricular activities.  

Student Council:

Students are selected as Student Council Representatives by appointments from their teachers and through elections with the student body. The student council operates with the following objectives:


  • To serve the school and the local community

  • To foster spirit and involvement with the student body in the life of the school 

  • To build and enable positive student leadership



After-School Activities:

A variety of programs, enrichment events and skill-building activities are offered to our students throughout the year. Students in grade 2 through 8 have opportunities improve their academic performance, concentration, logical thinking, judgment, creativity, problem solving, emotional intelligence, and social skills by participating in our Chess Club.


Our Falcons CS First Program (offered through Google) offers 4th through 8th grade students’ access and exposure to computer science (CS) education.  This program involves block-based coding using Scratch and are themed to attract students with varied interest.  The Falcons CS First Program increases students’ confidence when using computers, instills courage to try new things, grows perseverance when tackling difficult problems, and demonstrates the impact that computer science has in careers and communities.  



Periodic all-school assemblies are scheduled for the cultural enrichment of students. Assemblies include a wide variety of topic areas, artists, and of course, our very own talented students and parents.


African American History Month:

This special month includes a variety of enrichment activities to celebrate the heritage of people of African Descent. Events include a Mass at Holy Name Cathedral, and our school wide presentation and play. Watch for announcements.


Birthday Parties:

Birthday Parties at school are only allowed in the Preschool. All the other classes have teaching schedules that need to be adhered to for the benefit of all children. The teachers will recognize students’ birthdays informally during classes.


Book Fairs:

Students are offered the opportunity to purchase their own books from a wide selection of excellent children’s reading material. Every child should be encouraged to read away from school all year long.


Choir & Music Program:

Music is offered as part of the regular curriculum. 


Field Trips:

Educational experiences will occasionally occur away from the school campus. These trips could be anywhere from one of the famous Chicago-Area zoos to one of the many local museums or performing arts auditoriums. Sometimes there may be exchanges with other schools or entertainment venues as well.


Expenses are kept at a minimum. Class field trips are mandatory, as they are part of the educational activities for the grade level. Permission slips for such trips must be in writing on standard permission forms (See “Forms” Admissions Page on this web site). Phone calls will not suffice for field trip permission.