5Essentials is an evidence-based system designed to drive improvement in schools nationwide. The 5E system reliably measures changes in a school organization through its survey, predicts school success through scoring, and provides individualized actionable reports to schools, districts, parents, and community partners, and training to school leadership and teachers.


5Essentials is based on more than 20 years of research by the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research on schools and what makes them successful. The Chicago Consortium found that—schools that are well organized, safe, and supportive are much more likely to be successful.


Specifically, researchers determined five essential components for school success:


Effective Leaders: The principal works with teachers to implement a clear and strategic vision for school success.


Collaborative Teachers: The staff is committed to the school, receives strong professional development, and works together to improve the school.


Involved FamiliesThe entire school staff builds strong relationships with families and communities to support learning.


Supportive Environment: The school is safe and orderly. Teachers have high expectations for students. Students are supported by their teachers and peers.


Ambitious Instruction: Classes are academically demanding and engage students by emphasizing the application of knowledge.


Based on the 2016 data from the 5Essentials:

  • 100% of students say the teacher expects me to do my best all the time.

  • SPN is “well organized” - the highest possible rating: the school improved from “moderately organized” in 2015 to “well organized” in 2016.  

  • 100% of teachers would recommend SPN to family and friends.

  • SPN scored “strong” or better on four out of the five essential components for school success.  (“Strong” in the measures of Effective Leaders & Supportive Environment, and “Very Strong” in the measures of Collaborative Teachers & Ambitious Instruction.) Twenty years of research in Chicago has found schools strong on three or more of the 5Essentials were 10 times more likely to improve student learning gains in math and reading than schools weak on three or more of the Essentials.

  • 100% of students feel safe in and throughout the school.

  • 100% of the class of 2016 at St Philip Neri went on to attend college prep high schools including DeLaSalle Institute, Mount Carmel, St. Francis de Sales, and Noble Street Charter High Schools.

  • SPN scored "very strong" in safe, supportive environment.

  • Peer Collaboration scored "very strong" - students trust one another and see the importance of school!


St. Philip Neri’s scores on the 5Essential were higher than other schools in the area.